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The Chalet, local business website launch

On June 15, 2022

Website design for Puyallup business

So thankful for clients like Ken at The Chalet. He is a local business owner who found Zech Design searching on Google. That was pretty great by itself, because it means the advice I give clients for being found on Google Search and Google Maps is working for my business as well. Yeah!

Squarespace vs WordPress

His website at the time we first talked was created in Squarespace and his communication with the designer had dropped off. He wasn’t happy with the design, the photos or the overall look. Although Squarespace is a solid website builder, that’s not where my skillset is at. I was honest about that and said I could work on the Squarespace site if he really wanted to keep it. I did not recommend that option. Cost-wise, it made more sense that we start fresh with a WordPress / Divi site. We could do all the things he wanted and more. He trusted my expertise and we got started.

From the outset, Ken had a great attitude toward the redesign and was open to new ideas. The menu and photo gallery were key pieces for him. 

Local SEO and Google Maps

While optimizing his website and creating a solid SEO foundation, we discussed the merits of the optimization and all things Google, how it helps his business, and why we needed to claim his Google Business Profile. He very firmly said NO to anything Google in that first email. Even though he used Google search to find me, he was not a fan of Google. However, after sharing some data he saw how we could utilize Google without it becoming overwhelming for him.

The Chalet website has Google Analytics, is tied into Google Search Console, and after the launch I claimed his Google Business Profile. We will continue to optimize and clean up his listing so that it provides accurate information, photos and hours for his patrons.

I am excited for Ken to have a platform to better communicate with his patrons and to highlight this great local bar. I visited The Chalet on a Saturday night with live music and it was great! Definitely recommend it for a fun evening out.

The Chalet, Website Design Puyallup WA

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