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Website Redesign Launch!

On January 31, 2021

St. Francis House – Puyallup Valley Website Redesign

So excited to announce the launch of the new St. Francis House – Puyallup Valley website! This new site is focused on better providing information for both the client in need as well as the donor/volunteer.

Supporting the community

This is more than just a website redesign for me, it is a project close to my heart. In 2003 a former high school teacher recommended me to assist with the design of the quarterly newsletter – Francis Speaks. I jumped at the opportunity to give back to the community. I soon realized there was more I could do and convinced them they needed a web presence as well. So I worked with Sister Pat on a domain name and hosting and we launched their first site using Apple iWeb. I know, right, Apple iWeb! A local company worked with them to replace the original site with a much more functional and professional website. Since then, both St. Francis House and my skills have grown.

Full circle experience as a website designer

So thankful to Highstreet Advertising, Inc. for working with me during the transition to my own company Zech Design so I could finish the website for the amazing team at St. Francis House – Puyallup Valley.

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