Google Business Profile & Local SEO Packages

Google Business Profile & Local SEO Pricing

Google Business Profile (GBP) & Local Seach Engine Optimization (SEO)

I don’t know what I need.
This Google Business Profile (GBP) stuff is a foreign language.

Yep. That is why before any package is chosen, these questions should be answered:

  • Have you claimed your Google Business Profile (GBP) Listing?
  • Has your website been reviewed for proper Foundational SEO?
  • Where are your current clients coming from? Referrals? Web Leads?
  • Do you currently have or previously had hired someone for GBP/SEO?
  • What are your goals for the business? Growth Plan? Budget?
Next step is to read through what we offer and schedule a consultation =)

We get that this may be hard to follow. It’s ALOT of abbreviations and terms that you don’t deal with everyday. BUT this is our world! And that’s why we are here to help you show up when people search for your services. Because that’s what really matters and what all this helps you do!

Our GBP / SEO Packages Raise Your Rankings

Proven success! There are no magical unicorns in SEO that will help you be found better on Google. It is a combination of the optimized content within your Google listing and on your website, as well as citations, links, posts, and brand signals.

The quickest and best Google Business Profile Package to boost your ranking is the Accelerated one below.

Accelerated Google Business Profile / Local SEO Setup Package (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)

You want to start here! Your Google Business Profile is more than just what resides within that listing. The power of your GBP (your description, google website, services, products, etc), is also impacted by citations, directories your business is listed in, links from other sites and more. This strategy helps your business be listed higher in local Search Engine Ranking Pages (SERPs).

Google has taken over 50% of the 1st page Google Business Profile real estate with ads and now there are local search ads taking up space as well. There is no 1 magical unicorn easy button. Google is constantly moving the mark.

Why is it an “Accelerated” GBP Package?

The accelerated package is completed in 90-120 days – what is typically done in 6 months or more. By choosing the Accelerated Google Business Profile Local SEO Setup Package, you will increase your business’ online visibility, build brand prominence and increase listing relevance much quicker. 

We offer more than this package, as Google Business Profile is not a one and done service. We truly believe this accelerated setup package is the best way to get the most power from your listing. It should be followed up with a monthly GBP Plan. (More information coming soon).


Accelerated Phase 1 - Local SEO Strategy, Local and Niche Signals, and Brand Foundation

Phase 1 is designed to ensure the proper local SEO strategy is deployed based on extensive competitor and local SERP audit and strategy mapping, niche and local signal creation, and brand foundation set-up.

It can help increase visibility and forms the foundation for future 3-pack ranking.

Payment plans are typically in thirds (1/3 down, 1/3 at halfway, 1/3 when completed).


Accelerated Phase 2 - GBP Listing Optimization, Niche Signals, and Brand Boost $1700 for both

Phase 2 of this GMB Campaign can help you achieve higher visibility in moderately competitive markets.




Accelerated Phase 3 - Local Maps Boost and Custom Signals $2850 for all 3 phases

Phase 3 of the GBP Accelerated Campaign features more advanced signal creation that can help increase relevance and prominence including stacked signal creation and signal boosting.

Phase 3 can help provide the extra signals needed for more competitive areas by focusing on increasing page and brand document authority.

Other Services That Can Boost Your Rankings

Premium Press Release Service - $200

Recommend combining with GBP LITE (if accelerated is not purchased).
If purchased Accelerated plan recommend submitting press release a minimum of 2x a year.

The premium press release helps you get powerful brand links and brand mentions from authority news sites to increase your business exposure. This is recommended at least 1x a year if not more to highlight services and continue to push out new brand links.

The way this is done is by quickly and safely creating brand links for your website or digital brand, and syndicating them with high-quality news sites. With this service, we guarantee a minimum of 250 links and you will be placed on Google News for real website traffic.

  • Good for Public Relations, Brand Awareness and Goodwill & High-Trust Backlinking
  • Completely Written For You And You Have 100% Approval Prior To Syndication
  • Distributed to 250+ News and Media Outlets and Includes Up to 2 Contextual Links with Semantic Optimized Titles and Content and Company Bio, NAP, and Logo
GBP LITE - Listing Setup & Basic Optimization $695

Recommended that you combine GBP LITE with the Premium Press Release Service.

This is what we call GBP LITE. We write optimized content, setting the foundation for your listing. Although cheaper, you are losing the local SEO strategy and optimization of directory listings, brand foundation and submission to data aggregators which provide signals to Google.  


  • Onboarding information collected

  • Verify NAP (Name, Address, Phone) Consistency (Supplied, & Website)
  • Create listing and submit for verification (might be a postcard, could be phone call)
  • GBP Category Research & Updates
  • GBP Competitor Research
  • Baseline Visibility Report
  • GBP Listing Optimization
  • GBP Description
  • GBP Services (10)
  • GBP Site Content & Optimization
  • GBP Posts – 5x 150-300 Word
  • GBP Photo Optimization (15)
  • GBP Q&A’s (5)

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