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Website Care & Security Plan Updates for 2023

On January 2, 2023

Adding Value to Website Care Plans

With rising costs for everything from your groceries to your internet service, Zech Design is starting off 2023 by providing more value for your dollar.

Nothing changes to how websites are managed or updated. All website care plans now include an additional 15 minutes for edits. This may not sound like much, however simple edits add up. Here are a few examples of how you could use the added 15 minutes. Several of these could add up to 15 min, several would be the entire 15 minutes.

  • Uploading a pdf and changing the link to a button
  • Adding a new team member (photo and short text)
  • Changing hours, or other simple contact information
  • Updating services
  • Blog optimizations for SEO
  • Swapping out photos

Your business matters to me. I take great care in making sure your website functions the way it should and showcases and highlights your business properly.

Starting January 1, 2023 plans are now:

  • Basic Care = .25 hours for edits (previously did not include time)
  • Care & Manage = 1.25 hours for edits (previously 1 hour)
  • Care & Manage Elite = 2.75 hours for edits (previously 2.5 hours)

Click for more details about each of the website care plans.

For website changes, Zech Design uses to reduce email train clutter. If you do not already have a project setup with Zech Design in for edits, please contact me and I will get you started. / 253-370-9673 or to schedule a 15 min meeting

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